Is my logo unique?

Three ways how to check your logo

Hello beautiful reader, today I want to share with you several thoughts on logo design. I would like to show you how to get to know whether your logo is unique or not (or somewhere in-between).

Trust the internet

Living in a digital world has it pros and cons and when it comes to logo design one of the pros is that you can relatively easily check uniqueness of your logo.


Yes, uncle Google always knows and if you cannot find something on Google it probably doesn’t exist.

You have perhaps never noticed that tiny feature on Google — Google images. It is a great service that helps you find a matching image (logo) to an uploaded image.


Simply crop the symbol from your logo, save it and upload the file on and search results. Google finds pictures that are similar to the uploaded picture for you.


The second option is TinyEye. TinyEye is a reverse image search engine that finds where the uploaded image appears online.

Trademark offices use MatchEngine to speed up the process of identifying infringing trademarks and facilitating new trademark registrations.



You can even use Yandex which is other reverse image search engine. 

If you want to dig a bit deeper you need to play with your logo and adjust it. You can rotate or reflect (vertical or horizontal) your logo and you can even change the colours of your logo (or try the black-white version of your logo) and search results again.


If you don’t find anything similar with these three engines you can be 99% sure that your logo is not a copy of already existing logo. Congratulations!

What if …

There is no need to panic if you find a logo/image that is similar to yours. There are zillions logos out there and if your logo is a simple geometric one you can be sure that someone is already using a triangle as a logo. That means that your logo is necessarily not a simple copy of already existing logo it just lacks creativity and originality.

The thing is that a pure originality doesn’t exist. We all are surrounded by the same things, we attend the same schools and courses and watch the same series. And that means that we may have similar ideas and therefore produce similar logos.

But if you find an exact copy of your logo I would recommend to arrange a meeting with your designer and demand a clarification.

Do you want an original logo?

I guess so. I would recommend to talk to a professional logo designer (like me for instance) and request a logo that is more sophisticated (not a regular triangle so to speak). And sure that you will get a unique logo that fits your purpose.

Thank you for taking your time to read my article. I hope that you find it useful. I am looking forward to see your thoughts in the comment section below.

Drahomír Mach, logo

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